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Titre: L'objectif actuel a été dévérouillé
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It's Happening!

We’re about to hit the $450,000 stretch goal, which means we have even more work to do, YAY! We are actually really excited about being able to add these new features to the game. Wait, there’s more than one? You bet! This stretch goal not only unlocks the in-game Planet Editor, but also the first truly social environment for the community, which comes in the form of the Live News System. Do they fit together in some way? Possibly. These additions will no doubt make
The Universim even more dynamic and alive.


First on the menu today is the in-game Planet Editor.

This system will allow you to customize and share your own planets designed using a special tool that is being created as part of the Prometheus feature suite. Select appropriate textures, adjust colors, and pick the right flora and alien life for your planet. You can also tinker with the percentage distribution of each environmental biome to create some very interesting planets. For example, you can make a planet consist entirely of one big desert or turn it into a winter wonderland. We are even giving you the ability to alter oxygen levels and set how the temperature changes over time. When you’re happy with the result, share your creations with the community! Add a funny name to your planet and throw it up on our portal to get some ratings.

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The Live News System is coming as dessert this evening.

You’ll never see the same story in the game again! With the Live News System, we are introducing a community-run central database for all of the news in the game. Anyone will be able to visit our online Live News page and add a story that will be shared with players in the game. With this system, we are hoping to build a massive online database filled with cool stories supplied entirely by all of you. Break out those creative writing skills! Using the Live News page, you’ll be able to select certain parameters for your post, such as the era, situation, frequency, type, and so on before adding your story. All this information will be stored on our server and streamed when you have an online connection. It is entirely optional, of course. However, don’t worry just yet, an internet connection will not be required to play the game at all, as we have said in the past. Without internet, you will still have access to the great news stories that ship with the final game

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Next on the list…


You have been stewing in mystery for long enough, it’s time we start talking about what the iRobot stretch goal entails. The iRobot stretch goal is an expansion to the current research system. A branch, if you will. This branch will allow you to begin researching advanced AI and robotics. However, your decisions will have a far greater effect on the outcome of your civilization than you may think. AI can be a dangerous thing when you push it too far. If you research certain items in the branch, it is possible that your civilization will be destroyed and taken over by the machines you have created. A new civilization will emerge, consisting entirely of robots. This will open up new ways to play the game, and even offer a few benefits over a normal civilization. However, there are also many drawbacks. The choice is always yours to make, but be prepared to live with your decisions.Why do we need additional funding to make the iRobot branch a reality? Creating the normal civilization is a lot of work as is, especially when we consider what the space age holds. The iRobot branch will not only add new technologies to the game (there is a natural progression from more basic technology to the machines of the future) but it could also potentially add an entirely new species as well. Much of what makes space exploration interesting is how your civilization reacts and adapts to weather conditions and how you go about colonising new planets. Robots would require entirely new dangers and entirely new colonisation requirements to be made. There is a lot to consider, and we therefore need to hire some additional hands to help implement this feature.


What’s that on the horizon?

Of course, with one stretch goal being met and another fully-revealed, there is need for more content. That is why we are happy to introduce a new stretch goal that allows you to customize your experience even more. The Nugget Customizer gives you the tools to edit your population and add new individuals to the game that will stand out from the rest. Want to create Nuggets that look like your friends and family? Go ahead! Want to add the likeness of your favorite characters/people to the game from other content you enjoy? Knock yourself out! If you make it, we probably won’t get sued. Probably.Thank you all so much for your continued efforts to make The Universim the best it can be. These stretch goals really help us to make the game faster and create even more great content for you to enjoy.


Titre: L'objectif actuel a été dévérouillé
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Enfin ! Plus d'éditeurs ! Voilà qui va rendre le jeu pérein et intéressant :P